HPP Meats

SAHPP puts meat producers a cut above the rest


ImageSAHPP is carving up a name for itself in the meat industry.

From turkey cold cuts to ground chicken, manufacturers worldwide depend on our high pressure processing machines to prepare safe, natural and tasty HPP meat products that last up to twice as long without preservatives.

Other applications include meat tenderization, infusing meats with marinades and using HPP with bulk packaging to curb contamination between processing plants.

Protects consumers and brands from dangerous contamination.

With food safety always a prime concern in the meat industry, SAHPP offers producers one of the most effective ways to serve safe, healthy foods without chemicals or heat. High pressure inactivates harmful and potentially deadly pathogens like E. coli, listeria and salmonella.

1,250 tons of contaminated meat was recalled in 2014. None with @AvureHPP high pressure processing.


And because HPP processes meats in the final consumer package (vacuum and modified atmosphere packing), it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, and improves efficiency on the production line.

Consumers have a beef with chemicals.

Eaters are turning their backs to chemical additives and artificial preservatives at the deli and meat counter. HPP's natural, pure cold-water process allows producers to create flavorful, clean-label foods that consumers crave.

A selection of HPP meat offerings.


Here are just some of HPP applications for meat products:

  • Ready-to-eat meats (turkey, chicken)
  • Sliced and cured hams
  • Fresh ground beef, burger patties
  • Pre-cooked, heat-and-eat chicken and steak strips
  • Ground turkey
  • Raw steak, chicken and pork
  • Pepperoni
  • Hot dogs and sausages


HPP doubles the shelf life of meat products.

Consumers aren't the only ones hunting down meats prepared with HPP. With longer shelf life – up to two times longer than thermal processing – grocery chains and restaurants demand it to reduce meat spoilage and increase profits. Bring home the bacon!