Guacamole and Salsa

HPP naturally enhances the shelf life and taste of guacamole and salsa.


ImageGarden Fresh, America's #1 award-winning fresh salsa brand, knows a thing or two about whipping up all-natural dips that make your taste buds tango.

So to keep delicious crowd pleasers like spicy cilantro hummus, mango peach salsa and zesty guacamole safe to eat without heat or chemicals, the food manufacturer depends on our high pressure processing equipment.

Add pressure. Zap chemical additives and heat.

Tomato, onion, spices, garlic – a great salsa consists of just a few ingredients. HPP technology allows food manufacturers to serve up pure and simple dishes that consumers love.

HPP is a natural, pure cold-water process that subjects packaged salsa and guacamole to extreme pressures (up to 6,000 bar /  87,000 psi). It inactivates food-borne pathogens without the use of heat or artificial preservatives. 

Load up flavor. Triple shelf life.

With high pressure processing, salsas and guacamoles stay fresher longer – in most cases it extends shelf life by more than three times. And by preserving healthy nutrients (often destroyed by heat pasteurization), foods prepared with HPP are healthier and taste better, too.