Fruit and Veg

A longer shelf life with HPP fruit and vegetable products


High pressure processing (HPP) gives consumers safe packaged fruit and vegetable products with fresh, just-prepared characteristics without additives or preservatives.

The products add consumer value by retaining the sensory qualities including taste, texture, color and nutritional content of the fresh-picked product. With HPP, you'll have almost unlimited opportunities to create exceptional value-added products.

Tasty, healthy HPP.

HPP foods and beverages meet consumer demand for freshness, flavor, nutrition and safety – all without added chemicals or preservatives. And they keep healthy vitamins and enzymes that thermal processing destroys.

Make it safe with HPP.

High pressure processing inactivates harmful pathogens like salmonella, E. coli and listeria. Because HPP is applied in the product's final packaging, it eliminates the risk of contamination with dangerous bacteria, which protects producers from costly recalls.

Longer shelf life. Greater profitability.

HPP dramatically extends the life of fruits and vegetables, which reduces spoilage, and increases profits.

Better by the batch.

SAHPP is committed to making our producers more efficient with every batch. Our HPP systems with higher throughput per hour make it easier to:

  • Eliminate post-processing contamination risks.
  • Inactivate pathogens in food and on package in the same operation.
  • Work with most plastic food packages, including cups, bags and stand-up pouches.