Seafood producers sail ahead with HPP


It's time to retire the shucking knife and meet Avure's AV-S. It's the world's fastest shucker of oysters, lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams and scallops.

With our high pressure processing, manufacturers are making waves in the seafood industry. Welcome to the deep end with HPP, where production efficiency, freshness, taste and food safety rule.

Reel in 125% or more yield.

With pressure more than five times that of the deepest ocean, HPP separates 100% of lobster meat from shell. The same goes for oysters, clams and any seafood with shell attached to it.

"What's in it for me?" For starters, you'll produce better batches faster (and more of them), sink labor costs, extend shelf life and never shuck an oyster again.

Grab a bib and watch the process in our quick video.

HPP seals in freshly caught flavor that lasts.

From the coast of Thailand to the shores of Alaska, seafood producers source the globe for the freshest, highest quality lobster, crab, oysters and fish. HPP captures that fresh-off-the-boat flavor, and makes it last for weeks after processing.

A natural and chemical-free approach to seafood preservation, HPP can even make foods taste better. With improved moisture retention, delicious seafood juices stay inside the meat - right where they belong - during cooking or storage. Seafoodies, rejoice!

HPP locks out disease.

Best of all, during pressurization, HPP inacitvates dangerous food-borne pathogens like listeria and salmonella, and vibrio in oysters. The safety benefits make HPP a boon for manufacturers of ready-to-eat seafood meals, because they can process foods in the final consumer package and avoid the risk of post-processing contamination.