HPP offers an unparalleled 6000-bar High Pressure Processing (HPP) system which protects the food products of South African brands against bacteria and extends product shelf-life by up to 100% in an all-natural way.
HPP is a process that kills micro-organisms through ultra-high cold isostatic water pressure of 6000 bar. This process extends product shelf life, guarantees food safety and protects the original taste, texture and nutrients of products in an all-natural way. HPP is the only technology in the world that does not use chemical nor heat to preserve and protect food.

Here Are Our Four Guarantees

100% More Shelf Life

HPP reassures South African brands of a longer product shelf life achieved through an all-natural process. The longer your products last, the further they can be distributed and sold. 

100% Guaranteed Food Safety

We don’t compromise on food safety as our innovative preservation methods helps ensure the best product quality for your brand. Protect your customers through a preservation process that you know is reliable, safe and pure.

100% Guaranteed Taste, Colour and Flavour

Our innovative high-pressure technology guarantees the same great taste for your products, with the added benefit of a long-lasting freshness sealed in with our convenient safe packaging.  Take the next step to becoming part of the better-for-you product revolution.

100% Biological, No Additives

Our powerful HPP process utilises 60,000 pounds per square inch of water pressure to kill bacteria in a natural way that does not alter the taste, freshness or texture of food. HPP kills pathogens in a tried and tested method.  

Our Innovative HPP Technology

Preserve your food product without heat or preservatives

Trust us with your food product

We work for a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sectors.
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How HPP Keeps Your Products Safe and Fresh

Stage 1:

HPP loads your finely packed products into secure baskets that are then moved into our High-Pressure Processing vessel, which is then filled with water.

Stage 2:

The components of the High-Pressure Processing system are then fixed into place as the water in the vessel is pressurised up to 6000 bar. A simple process with the great effect of killing off pathogens.

Stage 3:

The water is drained from the High-Pressure Processing vessel and the baskets are unloaded. The result are finely preserved products ready to be delivered at moment’s notice.

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