HPP is an innovative non-thermal pasteurization process able to keep dairy products fresh and improve their shelf life. To ensure product safety, HPP includes pathogen control in the process of extending dairy product shelf life. The HPP process can be used to accelerate or slowdown the ripening of dairy products, getting your products just the way that you need them to be.
The High-Pressure Processing (HPP) system only requires electricity and water which is recycled, providing an environmentally friendly process that offers a natural and clean preservation process for your dairy products.The shape and integrity of products are maintained throughout our preservation process.

HPP is ideal for:

  • Bottles
  • Cups 
  • Pouches

HPP can be applied to:


Milk preserved the HPP way has a longer shelf-life and preserves the integrity of the milk’s nutritional value. Other dairy foods such as yoghurts and cheeses made from this milk may benefit in texture as well. 

Dairy Spreads

HPP offers to extend the shelf-life of Cream Cheese and other similar spreads and we maintain and preserve the sensorial and nutritional qualities of the spreads as well. We respect that a product that is processed must maintain all the levels of freshness that is associated with its taste, ingredients and nutritional properties.  

Colostrum Beverages

As Colostrum protects the immune system of newborns, utilising an effective preservation method such as HPP to retain the bioactive components such as immunoglobulis, lactoferrin and growth factors is critical. HPP ensures that every Colostrum beverage maintains its integrity so it brings out the best out of the new-borns that is fed. 


The pathogenic and spoilage of micro-organisms of cheese is inactivated when it is preserved the HPP way. This process also allows greater innovation in texture to arise.  


HPP packaging offers up to 3 months of shelf-life and ensures the inactivation of spoiling bacteria preserving only probiotic strains.

Probiotic Dairy Products

HPP enhances the shelf-life of probiotic dairy products and protects the quality of the products leaving taste unchanged. The HPP preservation method is perfect for probiotic beverages and other beverage formats (such as juices): No fermentation, no culture management, only fresh and healthy beverages and foods.